About Us

The Society was formed in 1956. The objectives of the Society are:

  1. The advancement of the science of nematology;
  2. To foster collaboration between nematologists particularly through the Society newsletter and through Symposia and other meetings;
  3. To represent the views of nematologists to other bodies, organisations and governments.

The affairs of the ESN are managed on behalf of the members by the ESN Governing Board. The board is currently composed of the following:

Officers of the Society:
President: Prof Ralf-Udo Ehlers – ehlers@e-nema.de

Secretary: Dr. Eric Grenier - Eric.Grenier@rennes.inra.fr

Treasurer: Dr Hans Helder – Hans.Helder@wur.nl

Governing Board members:
John Jones  – john.jones@hutton.ac.uk

Hans Helder - Hans.Helder@wur.nl

Eric Grenier - Eric.Grenier@rennes.inra.fr

Philippe Castagnone-Sereno - Philippe.Castagnone@sophia.inra.fr

Catherine Lilley - C.J.Lilley@leeds.ac.uk

Raquel Campos Herrera raquel.campos@icvv.es

Soledad Verdejo-Lucas  soledad.verdejo@juntadeandalucia.es


The ESN representative to the IFNS is Wilfrida Decraemer – Wilfrida.Decraemer@UGent.be

The first point of contact with ESN is the Secretary Eric Grenier – Eric.Grenier@rennes.inra.fr

A copy of the internal rules document can be found here.
The Articles of Association for the ESN can be found here, and the signed version can be found here.


“Nematology News” is published twice yearly and is distributed to the ESN members by email. Past issues of Nematology News can be accessed through the "Newsletters" link above.

The Editor, Wim Wesemael would be delighted to receive news, views, letters, comments, etc. from any member of the Society for publication. Abstracts from successful PhD or MSc theses or short scientific notes of wide general interest to the membership are also welcome. - wim.wesemael@ilvo.vlaanderen.be


webmaster: wim.bert@ugent.be with support of John Jones