ESN Fellows

Fellows of ESN are elected every 2 years by a committee established for this purpose by the ESN governing board. New fellows are announced to the membership at the biennial meeting of the ESN, usually at the conference dinner. Current fellows of the ESN are:

Freddy Jones                          1984

Maurice P. Ritter                      1986

Julia A. Meridith                       1990

David J. Hooper                       1994

Pieter A. A. Loof                      1994

Burt Endo                               1996

Juan Heyns                             1996

Etienne Geraert                       1998

Nigel G. M. Hague                    1998

August Coomans                     2000

Virginia R. Ferris                      2002

David L. Trudgill                       2002

John M. Webster                      2004

Roger Cook                             2004

Maria S. Santos                        2004

Richard A. Sikora                      2006

Anton Dalmasso                       2006

Roland N. Perry                         2008

Maurice Moens                          2010

David Chitwood                         2014

Wilfrida Decraemer                    2016

Lieve Gheysen                          2016

Jim Baldwin                              2016