ESN 1 antoinette

Winner photo competition

Antoinette Malan, University of Stellenbosch: “Cydia pomonella (codling moth) larva infected with Steinernema khoisanae (first generation), five days after inoculation.”

ESN 2 Perrine Walker

Winner photo competition

Francine Perrine-Walker, University of Sydney: “Live fluorescence imaging of stained C. elegans nematodes.”

ESN3 Pavel Dobes

winner photo competition

Pavel Dobeš, Masaryk University. “The entomopathogenic nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora treated with FITC-labelled protein which binds to the cuticle. The image shows infective juveniles before ensheathment which are characterised by corrugated cuticle in bended parts of the body.”

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Why join ESN?

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35th ESN Symposium - Córdoba

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The Society was formed in 1956. The objectives of the Society are:

  • The advancement of the science of nematology.
  • To foster collaboration between nematologists particularly through the Society newsletter and through Symposia and other meetings.
  • To represent the views of nematologists to other bodies, organisations and governments.

The affairs of the ESN are managed on behalf of the members by the ESN Governing Board. The board is currently composed of the following and more info can be found here:

Officers of the Society:

President: Catherine Lilley
Secretary: Eric Grenier
Treasurer: Hans Helder

Other Governing Board members:

Raquel Campos Herrera
Sebastian Eves-van den Akker
Wim Bert
Shahid Siddique

The ESN representatives to the IFNS are Wilfrida Decraemer & Eric Grenier. The ESN Country and Regional representatives can be found here

The first point of contact with ESN is the Secretary Eric Grenier.

A copy of the internal rules document can be found here. The Articles of Association for the ESN can be found here, and the signed version can be found here.

You can find 

ESN fellows

1986: Maurice Ritter

1990: Julia Meridith

1994: David Hooper, Pieter Loof

1996: Burt Endo, Juan Heyns

1998: Nigel Hague

2000: August Coomans

2002: Virginia Ferris, David Trudgill

2004: John Webster, Roger Cook, Maria Susana Santos

2006: Richard Sikora, Antoine Dalmasso

2008: Roland Perry

2010: Maurice Moens

2014: David Chitwood

2016: Godelieve Gheysen, Wilfrida Decraemer & James Baldwin

2018: Isabel Abrantes

2022: Danny Coyne & Pierre Abad

2024: Florian Grundler

Election of Fellow of the Society is accorded to General Members in recognition of outstanding contributions to the science of Nematology or distinguished service in promoting the Objectives of the Society.  The call for nominations for Fellows of the ESN to be elected in 2020 opens before each general meeting (every two years).

Nominations for Fellow of the Society may be made by any member.  All nominations must be accompanied by a written statement outlining the professional achievements of the nominee and giving reasons for the proposed election. All nominations must be supported by two other members. The selection of Fellows is made by a committee appointed by the Governing Board which will inform the membership of its decision at the General Meeting.

ESN Outreach

Nematodes inhabit nearly all environments on Earth and represent the most abundant animals. While several of these species have detrimental effects on humans, animals, and agriculture, some can be used for insect pest control, serve as bio-indicators, or function as model organisms.

Information about nematodes and nematologists